Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stitching again

It's been a long time since I've had any time to do needlework, but now that Mom's web site is close to launch, I'm allowing myself to set aside time to stitch. I might do a few temari here and there (especially if the class I want to teach actually happens) but my main focus right now is cross-stitching a couple of samplers.

The first project I've chosen is Be My Love from Carriage House Samplings. My mom stitched it a few years ago and a photo appears at Priscilla's Pocket. I'm changing the colors a bit - the reds on hers will be blues on mine. I'll be stitching it in Needlepoint Inc. silks on 40 ct. Vintage Pear from Lakeside Linens. I'm pondering which of our frames I'd like make for it, but will decide when I have it finished. I think it will be neat to see the two together when it's done.

The other design I've picked (I know - it's weird to have so many projects at the same time, but I find that I like to work one pattern until I get a bit bored with it, then put it down while I work on the other. Keeps me interested in the work.) is a Christmas pattern from Notforgotten Farm called Christmas Cat! I'm playing with colors for this as well - using Belle Soie silks and making the cat black instead of tawny - I lost my black cat Bermuda right after Christmas last year and this pattern reminds me of him. I haven't chosen a fabric for this but will probably be using something from Lakeside Linens - their fabrics are so lovely. (Update: I've chosen to do this piece on 40 ct. Pearled Barley from Lakeside Linens.)

I'll be posting work-in-progress photos as I go - this will also keep me working on them! Maybe I'll actually finish the Christmas sampler by Christmas !?!


  1. Thanks - I'm looking forward to starting and sharing!