Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sleep Deprived

I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately. Surprisingly, this has nothing to do with my toddler. Well, mostly.

I FALL asleep with no problems most nights. I just can't seem to STAY asleep. Sometimes I'm too warm, but mostly I just can't quiet my brain.

I'm sure it's primarily because I have so many things going on, and I always seem to get ideas in the middle of the night. I've tried writing these ideas down and going back to sleep, but sleep still doesn't come. So I get up and work out the ideas. Or play on the computer in the hopes that the glowing screen will tire me out and I'll be able to get some sleep before sunrise. Or blog at 2:30 am. I'm hoping this means I'm in a very creative phase of my life right now, I just wish I could be creative during daylight hours.

Tonight started badly for sleeping because Tommy wasn't feeling well when he went to bed. In the interests of trying to keep him comfortable and quiet, we brought him into our bed. It seemed like it would work, but every time he almost drifted off, he would start to talk or sing or toss around - trying to wind down I'm sure, but getting himself uncomfortable and waking up. The ibuprofen seemed to have kicked in by then, but he really wanted to "sleep in Mommy's bed." We actually gave him three warnings and chances to settle down, but at 11 p.m. he HAD to go back to his own bed. Thank goodness he gave up after 15 minutes of trying to convince us he needed to sleep in our bed. So you'd think I'd be tired enough right now to be sleeping. Nope.

I have been trying to get our budget in order. I know we're just starting out with actually writing down things, and that it takes some time to get it all straightened out, but I wake up thinking of things I missed, or ways to cut corners, and I can't let them rest until morning for fear I'll forget.

I have been working on designing the website for my mom's business. I get ideas for design and layout, as well as having flashes of understanding (I'm learning the process as I go) at crazy hours and MUST try them out.

I have finally been cross-stitching again, and want to stitch in the middle of the night!?! Getting ideas for designs too.

Not that these episodes of sleeplessness have never happened to me before, but not with such intensity and certainly not for an extended amount of time. I'm going on most nights out of the past two weeks, with a little break yesterday because I was sick. Ok, I was still up early, but it was because I couldn't breathe and wanted to take a steamy shower. It was still nice to not be driven awake by dreams of things I wanted to try or design or write.

I try to refrain from taking medicines to help with sleep, but I'm about ready to give in and take a Unisom for a couple of days just so I can sleep through the night. How is it that we finally got the baby sleeping through the night and now I can't take advantage of it?!

I'm finally feeling tired, maybe because I've gotten some of what's on my mind out and acted upon, maybe because I'm actually nearing the point of total collapse. I think I'll go to bed again and see how it goes.

Good (night?)
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