Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today was a banner day - Tommy had a much better day with drop off at school, not melting down at arriving home, not screaming at dinner, and going to bed without a peep! We're hoping that this is a glimpse of things to come ( even in occasional doses it is a much welcome change from the way the past few weeks have gone! )

He didn't eat much at dinner, but didn't scream from hunger and crabbiness either - I think he genuinely wasn't hungry. We've started to just give him the food choices and if he eats fine, if he doesn't eat, we try to ignore it. He's not losing weight or anything, and he has a lot of energy, so he must be getting nutrition somewhere - right? It's been a bit better the past few days, and much better today. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

My cross-stitching is going well but slowly. It's taking a bit of a backseat to learning to quilt - mom is teaching me! I also picked up some materials to make holiday gifts - I have some cute ideas and look forward to diving in, but since holidays and birthdays are approaching quickly, I'm devoting some of my stitching time to those projects. I can't post what I'm making here or I'll give away some surprises, but I'll take photos and will post after they're given - ok?
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