Friday, September 25, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

It's been a hectic week here at home - I had an interview(!) on Tuesday that I think went very well - it would be a position that allows me to make a huge difference in people's lives and I hope to hear back from them soon. Not only would it be great to be working again, I would really enjoy meeting new challenges and setting out in a new direction!

Wednesday we had a bit of a scare about the pending sale of our old house, but as of right now it looks like things are going to work out and we're still on target for the 30th - if it all falls apart we'll have to go from there, but I'm hopeful that it will all go well.

Tommy's home today (he's only at daycare three days a week), and he's been such a pleasant boy today for the most part ( I think that 'for the most part' is the very best you can get with a toddler, and I'm thankful for some relative peace!) this morning we listened to his Kindermusic CD's, he sang and danced while I worked on a sewing project I've been trying to finish. He's now napping and I'm getting caught up on some research for a history post I'm working on for the October Priscilla's Pocket release. I'm writing an essay on The Battle of Saratoga and how that ties into the website is a surprise for next month!

I have my quilt cut out and hope to start sewing soon - but Mom's been fighting off a sore throat and I've had some other projects to work on, so I'll probably start this weekend. I have a ton of photos of all my different fabrics (the quilt is a pretty simple pattern, but I'm doing it in a patchwork style using Civil War era fabric patterns) that I hope to put in a collage and post soon. I'm not sure how it's going to look and I'm just trusting in the fact that all of the patterns tie together. It's going to be in varied neutrals with red as the main color, and blues and golds as accents. I'll try to get a link hooked up to the pattern if I can find it when I post the fabric shots, and you can all tell me what you think. I'm nervous but excited, because even I can't visualize how it all will come together!

Slowly working on my cross-stitch too - I'm going to take advantage of a little of Tommy's nap-time to get a bit more done. One of the patterns is a 4th Anniversary gift to John (and myself) that I need to have done by December if I'm to have it framed by the 30th. It may just be stitched by then and I'll get it framed afterwards!

The other pattern is the Christmas Cat and I hope to start it soon (but the other is taking precedence!) It's for myself so as much as I'd like to finish by this Christmas, I may have to settle for next.

I have my practice piece done for one type of Christmas gift I'm working on, and I have to say that it turned out great! I have some prep work to do for the real things, and then I expect that they'll come together quickly. I hope everyone on my list likes them! It's nice to feel like I'm making something useful but attractive, and I'm able to customize them a bit for each person. I can't wait until the holidays are over so I can share what they are and some photos, as you can tell I'm pretty excited!

We're going to be baking this weekend, and taking photos of our goods for the Priscilla's Pocket website, recipe to be posted along with my history essay, and some new items. I'll have to let the rest remain a surprise until then -

Best wishes!

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